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What Cigarette Smoke Can Do to Your Ductwork

The effects of cigarette smoke on the body are well-documented. We know it causes all sorts of health issues from cancer to heart and lung problems. If you do smoke that’s your choice, but you should also recognize the impact that smoking indoors can have on your HVAC system and the others around you. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the negative effects of cigarette smoke on your ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality

As HVAC pros, we don’t just want the air in your home to be at a comfortable temperature. While that is a big part of our job, having healthy, high-quality air is probably even more important. Environmental tobacco smoke is one of the worst kinds of air pollutants. While allergens may not have a severe impact on everyone, cigarette smoke is universally dangerous.

Unfortunately, it takes specific work to get rid of air pollutants in your home. Dust can gather in your carpets and get kicked up and cycle through the air for years.

Smoke can be even more resilient. You can’t really vacuum up smoke as you can with dust. Instead, smoke leaves behind a sticky residue. You may have seen the yellow-brownish stain left on wallpaper in the house of a smoker. That same film will form in your ductwork as well.

Duct Cleaning

The best way to clear away the tar-like buildup in your ducts is with a professional cleaning. Smoke residue is really difficult to remove and potentially dangerous if not done correctly. Our pros at Haisma would love to help.

If you need an Indoor Air Quality Assessment, fill out an online contact form or call us at (616) 319-2121. We take the health of our technicians and customers seriously. We’ve taken steps to keep you safe while we work on your home.


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