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HVAC Zoning Systems in Grand Rapids

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HVAC Zoning Systems in Grand Rapids

A Budget-Friendly Way to Heat & Cool Your Home

At Haisma Heating & Cooling, we make it our mission to find a heating and cooling solution for your lifestyle and budgetary constraints. One of the ways we can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency (and end the constant battle over the thermostat) is through zoned HVAC system installation. Zoning systems allow you to customize your heating and cooling through the use of more than one thermostat. For example, two-story homes may have one thermostat per floor to provide more control over the temperature where you sleep and where you actually spend most of your day.

When you call us, you can depend on our trained Grand Rapids HVAC professionals to create a zoned HVAC setup that will work best for your needs and lifestyle. We have been helping West Michigan homeowners and business owners for over 30 years, which means you can count on us to get the job correctly, efficiently, and professionally.

Why Choose HVAC Zoning?

Homes that are separated into zones for heating and cooling have several advantages. For example, if you prefer a higher temperature setting than the rest of your family, you can set the thermostat higher for certain rooms. Zoning systems are also effective at eliminating hot or cold spots that can make your home uncomfortable.

Other benefits of zoned HVAC systems include:

How to Tell When Your Zoned HVAC System Needs Repairs

Like any mechanical system, your zoning system may need a repair or maintenance service at some point. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to notice when something isn’t right with your zoning system. Any time you notice your utility bills have increased for no reason or you have unusually uneven temperatures in your home, it’s time to call our Grand Rapids zoned HVAC professionals to schedule a service appointment.

If you need our Grand Rapids HVAC zoning system installation or repair services, call  (616)-784-9552 now.

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