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Grand Rapids Geothermal Installation

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Grand Rapids Geothermal Installation

An Eco-Friendly Way to Preserve Your Home’s Comfort

Geothermal units are relatively new to the HVAC industry. They are an innovative way to keep your home comfortable all year long while reducing your impact on the environment. With rising levels of global warming, it is easy to see why geothermal installation may be a good idea. At Haisma Heating & Cooling, we have over three decades of experience and are dedicated to providing nothing but quality work. In fact, we stand behind our work so much that we guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re interested in going green, let our Grand Rapids geothermal installation specialists assist you.

Why Choose Geothermal Units Over More Conventional Ones

Innovations are what made the world what it is today. Investing in a geothermal unit opens up a whole new world of advantages that are hard to compete with in terms of home comfort. The main advantage, and most important, is the low operating cost.

Geothermal units have proven their value in the industry, saving homeowners between 30 to 60 percent of their overall heating bills and a further 20 to 50 percent savings on cooling costs. This is in comparison to conventional air conditioning unitsfurnaces, and generic heaters.

These units are also more sensitive to noise pollution. If you have a family member at home that is sensitive to continuous noise and sound distortions, this unit is a perfect fit. It runs almost silently, providing comfort at an affordable price.

Geothermal 101

Nothing in life can be perfect. At Haisma Heating & Cooling, we value transparency with our clients which is why we want you to know everything you need to before coming to a final decision.

Although geothermal installation is great, there are a few drawbacks. The main intimidating factor is the high upfront costs. But it is important to remember that when you buy a geothermal heat pump, it is an investment for the long-term comfort of your home.

Another problem is the fact that geothermal units are still relatively new to the industry. Finding a contractor that has the training and experience to adequately handle installation and post-installation services can be extremely difficult. But this is not something you have to worry about. Our Grand Rapids geothermal installation experts have you covered.

We’re Reliable Contractors to Handle the Installation & Post-Installation Services

At Haisma Heating & Cooling, we have honed our HVAC skills for decades and our technicians have been trained in the latest emerging trends in the industry, including geothermal units. We value the relationship that we develop through our services with customers. That is why when you call us in for a geothermal service, we will commit to a lifelong partnership to help you ensure that your unit is well looked after throughout its lifespan.

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