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Space Heater Safety

In just a few short months, it will be really cold here in Michigan. We all cope with it in different ways, whether you love wearing layers or you always have a blanket in reach. Still, others use a space heater to give them some instant or extra heat that their furnace can’t provide. If that works best for you, then that’s fantastic. We just want to make sure you’re doing so safely. Here are some tips that can keep your space heater use safe and lower your risk of a house fire.

The Risks

It might be news to you that space heaters are dangerous. It’s important to understand the risks of any product you use and a space heater is no different. Despite being a relatively little used machine, portable space heaters accounted for almost half of all home heating fires and were much more likely to cause serious injury or death. You can read more about those statistics here. We’ll give you some insight to reduce that risk, so you can use a space heater safely.

Keep Your Distance

These machines are designed to generate a lot of heat and that is particularly true from up close. Keep all objects several feet away from the heater. Furniture, clothing, and blankets are common fuel for house fires, so be particularly vigilant about keeping these objects away!

Don’t Set and Forget!

You wouldn’t leave the house with food cooking on the stove. Your space heater is potentially just as dangerous. Make sure you can keep an eye on it well enough to tell if a fire is starting or something is burning. If you’re cold at night, get an extra blanket and turn off the space heater!

We recommend getting a strong heating system, so you don’t have to use a personal space heater. If you want to step up your heating game, fill out an online contact form or call us at (616) 319-2121! We’d love to set up an appointment and set up a plan so you won’t need a space heater!


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