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Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

The HVAC industry is so exciting because it always evolves with technology. Smart thermostats and mini-split heat pumps are just two examples of this in recent decades. The interesting thing about radiant floor heating is that it is new technology, but an old concept.

The ancient Romans used a version of radiant floor heating in some of their buildings. Later on, in the 1950s, versions of it were used in some of the new housing developments created during that time. However, copper pipes aren’t ideal for radiant heating and so, it fell out of favor. Luckily, with plastic pipes, radiant floor heating is a much better and long-lasting option! Here are some of the benefits of radiant floor heating!


Radiant floor heating is highly efficient because of how it transfers heat. Water doesn’t have to be boiling hot to transfer heat to the floor. Your floor will absorb heat much more efficiently than air which is always moving.

It’s Not Noisey

You might think that pipes under your flooring might be loud and cumbersome. However, this is not the case! Radiant heat is much quieter than loud ductwork. If you’d rather cover up with blankets than hear your heating at night, radiant floor heating might be for you!


Other forms of heating have some downsides when it comes to safety. Boiler radiators can burn kids or pets. Furnaces can have issues with gas leaks or carbon monoxide problems. Everything has its downsides, but safety is not one of them for radiant floor heating.

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