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Are Furnace Tune Ups Necessary?

Taking Care of Your Furnace

As Michiganders, we all know how harsh the weather can be up here. From November to as late as April, our homes become our cozy, warm safe haven protecting us from the mountains of snow and severe wind chills.

During these several months of winter, your furnace becomes your best friend. As such, furnace tune-ups are an absolute necessity as colder days approach. Let’s dive into why this is so.

Preventative Maintenance

Your furnace has likely been off for a few months, or at least has not been working over time, during the warmer days of spring and summer. It has probably begun to collect dust and may be developing some other issues as well.

A tune-up will allow your technician to take a look at how the furnace will run the rest of the season, and spot what needs to be serviced or replaced before the colder days roll in. Preventative maintenance is also a great way for technicians to spot small problems and fix them before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.


A furnace that has not been properly maintained and serviced is not going to be running very efficiently. This means it is costing you more money to run than it should be. A tune up will allow for a more efficient and affordable season.


Tune-ups are also a matter of safety. If there is a leak that goes unnoticed, you’re at risk of a carbon monoxide leak that could harm your home and family. A maintenance appointment will also allow for a bit of system cleaning and a filter replacement. This fresh start will provide your family with cleaner air free of dust, allergens, and other contaminants.

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